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For advice on how to date far from home, check out this article on Out of Town Dating Dilemmas.

For a genuinely comprehensive guide for getting to the Baltimore area and navigating the downtown Baltimore area, check out this Baltimore-based convention's travel guide.


Presently, there are few hospitality contacts registered with The Shidduch Site, for the various common travel areas. If you would be able to assist with hospitality arrangements for travelling singles visting your area, please contact the webmaster at:

Kew Garden Hills (KGH) Hospitality Committee [New York]


Teaneck, New Jersey

Open Invitation for a Sabbat Stay

We would like to invite you to come stay at our home for a weekend, or a meal. Whether you are a beginner to Judaism or a FFB, your presence at our table will no doubt enhance the beauty of Shabbat. Since we live in Teaneck, NJ, you will probably want to stay at our home for the weekend, which is always welcome. Please feel free to call and arrange for a weekend that is good for you. We would love to meet with you!

The Fleishers




All these companies provide transportation between New York and Baltimore. Some provide same day service to New York and back, including Sunday schedules, that arrive early enough and leave late enough to allow for a Sunday shidduch date in New York.

Important Bus Terminal Locations


New York


Important Train Station Locations


New York

Subways and Mass Transit

Maryland / D.C. / Virgina

New York


Tickets and Schedules

International Airports

National Airports

Airport Shuttle Services

Note: You can also check this global Airport Shuttle Guide.



It is highly recommended, when planning inter-state travel, to get an E-ZPass unit.

This device attaches to your windshield and automatically, electronically pays your tolls, charging your E-ZPass account.

It works from Virginia thru New York on the East Coast. In addition to removing the need for change, you can also get through quicker, using the special purple E-ZPass only lanes at the toll lanes.

Maps and Driving Directions

Rental Car Agencies

Notes: If you rent a car through one of the on-line travel sites in advance, or use a value rental car agency (like Rent-A-Wreck), you can get a nice car for very affordable rates. Many agencies have terminals at the major airports, as well, so you can pick them up and drop them off at the airport, without hassle. Also, some of the companies will actually come and pick you up.

Also, explicitly ask about discounts for which you might be eligible. Sometimes car rates may be cheaper by the week verus daily. Remember - you don't need to buy the rental car's insurance, assuming you have your own coverage. It transfers to the rental car. Try to get make sure you get unlimited mileage.