Segulos and Tefillos (Shidduchim)

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How do segulos work and why? Find out more about the Secrets of Segulos.

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Mishmeres for Single Girls

Single Girls - be Proactive in Shidduchim!

Join a mishmeres in Shmiras Halashon and/or say tehilim in the zechus of finding your shidduch. For more information, please email

Simchas Esther Hachnosas Kalla Fund

This Hachnosas Kallah fund is locally based, in the Baltimore area. They have a program called Chodesh Gelt, where each month they will mail you out a donation card with a return envelope so you can donate tzedakah to the fund monthly.

To become part of the Chodesh Gelt program, contact:

Mrs. Devora Siff410-358-1388
Mrs. Sora Shurin410-764-0348
Rachayl Haber443-928-2848

Or, to contact the Simchas Esther Hachnosas Kalla Fund, in general:

441 Yeshiva Lane
Apt. 3-A
Baltimore, MD 21208

Phone Numbers: 410-484-2847, 410-358-0059, 410-358-9215

Western Wall Prayers

One segulah for shidduchim is davening at the Kotel for 40 consecutive days.

If you can't do it yourself, a frum Jew involved in Torah-learning in Jerusalem can go for you, and daven on your behalf. This can be arranged via

A small donation for this assistance is traditionally requested.


Note: It's especially propitious to recite Psalm 121 before stepping back after the Shemoneh Esrei.

32 לב Lamed Bais L'Dovid Maskil
38 לח Lamed Ches Mizmor L'Dovid L'Hazkir
70 ע Ayin Lamnazeach L'Dovid L'Hazkir
71 עא Ayin Aleph B'cha Hashem Hosisi, al Eivoshah L'Olam


Ayin Bais L'Shlomo
82 פב Pay Bais Mizmor L'Asaf
121 קכא Kof Chaf Aleph Shir Lama'alos, Esah Einei el Heharim
124 קכד Kof Chaf Daled Shir Hama'alos L'Dovid, Lulei Hashem She'hayah Lanu


The Gemara (Baba Kama 92a, See also: Rashi on Beraishis; 21:1) states that "one who solicits mercy for his fellow while he himself is in need of the same thing, [will be answered first]".

This applies to the realm of shidduchim as well.

To pray for another in need of a shidduch, you can e-mail the Kol Hamitpalel Organization at or call (646) 294-4355

These prayers and other useful info can be found in Rabbi Dolinksy's excellent book, Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover.

Note: The Chida's tefillah is written for men and will need to modified for women's tefillos.

Rabbi Dolinksy's Short Prayer for a Shidduch [Click the hyperlink for a text version]

Shlah's Prayer for a Man's Shidduch (English) [Click the hyperlink for a text version] Shlah's Prayer for a Man's Shidduch (Hebrew)

Shlah's Prayer for a Woman's Shidduch (English) [Click the hyperlink for a text version] Shlah's Prayer for a Woman's Shidduch (Hebrew)

Chida's Prayer for a Shidduch (English) [Click the hyperlink for a text version] Chida's Prayer for a Shidduch (Hebrew)