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Mishmeres for Single Girls in Shmiras Halashon

What:Mishmeres for Single Girls in Shmiras Halashon
Audience:Observant Jewish Single Women
Reservations:Ongoing. Must contact (E-Mail: / Phone: 410-358-0918) to participate.
Web Site:Unknown


Single Girls - be Proactive in Shidduchim!

Join a mishmeres in Shmiras Halashon and/or say tehilim in the zechus of finding your shidduch.

Start off the new year with a new commitment! A group of single girls is getting together to make their own hishtadlus and be PROACTIVE in shidduchim. We are organizing a Mishmeres in Shmiras Halashon as well as completing the whole sefer Tehilim daily in the zechus of shidduchim. Every two weeks will be in the zechus of a different single girl who is participating in this mishmeres.

This system is based on the premise which Rashi brings down in Breishis 21:1 when Hashem remembered Sarah and she became pregnant. Rashi says that anyone who asks for mercy for his friend and he needs the same thing, he will be answered first. Because Avraham had davened that Avimelech be cured after he kidnapped Sarah, Avraham and Sarah merited becoming pregnant. In the zechus of making a commitment for the yeshua of others, iy"H Hashem will grant us all a yeshua at the right time.

There are other programs like this, but many limit the number who can participate. We want to include as many girls as possible, so please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. We are calling it "Proactive" and think of it as a type of mission towards fixing this immense problem with shidduchim which many are saying has become the curse of our generation.

Please reply to if you'd like to participate. Include your hebrew name and mother's name, which hours you would like to keep for the mishmeres and/or if you'd like to say one perek or one day of tehilim. You can do just the mishmeres, just the tehilim, or both. Also reply if you would prefer to be removed from this list.

Tizki Lemitzvos and in the zechus of making a new commitment may we all be zoche to a shana tova and besuros tovos!

Contact Information:

E-mail ( or call 410-358-0918


Single women only, presumably.

Web-based Event Information (General)



End the Madness
The Velt
Jewish Single's Orthodox Networking Group (S.O.N.G.)
Aish HaTorah - Baltimore
Etz Chaim USA
Jewish Information and Referral Service (Baltimore)
Jewish Information and Referral Service (Greater Washington)
Jewish Baltimore Network
JCC of Greater Washington
JCC of Northern Virginia
JCC of Baltimore
Baltimore Society of Young Professionals
D.C. Society of Young Professionals
Associated's Young Adult Division (YAD)
Jewish Sports and Social Network
Gesher City
Jewish Young Adults (Jewish Times)
Hillel of Baltimore (TAG - Twenty-Somethings and Graduates)
Hillel of Greater Washington
Mosaic Outdoor Club
Jewish Outdoors Club
Jewish Events Calendar (Baltimore)
Jewish Events Calendar (D.C / Silver Spring / Rockville)
Orthodox Union Young Professional Singles Calendar
Orthodox Union Jewish Deaf Singles Registry Calendar

Web-based Event Information (Shul Web Sites)


B'nai Israel Synagogue
Shomrei Emunah
Tiferes Yisroel Bais Dovid
Beth Abraham (Herzberg's)
Beth Tfiloh (Mercaz Events)
Beth Tfiloh (General Events)
Suburban Orthodox Toras Chaim
Netivot Shalaom
Ner Tamid
Chabad of Baltimore
Chabad-Lubavitch (College Park)
Chabad-Lubavitch of Maryland
Shaarei Tfiloh
Beth Jacob (E-Mail only)
B'nai Jacob - Sha'arei Zion (E-Mail only, Rabbi Moshe Hauer)
Beth Avraham (Hertzberg's) (E-Mail only, Rabbi Dovid Katz)

Silver Spring/Rockville/Potomic/D.C.

Young Israel Shomrei Emunah
Kemp Mill Synagogue
Young Israel Ezras Israel of Potomac
Am HaTorah Congregation
Beth Sholom Congregation and Talmud Torah
Congregation Ezras Israel (Rockville)
Kesher Israel (Georgetown Synagogue)
Ohev Shalom Talmud Torah Congregation
Woodside Synagogue Ahavas Torah

E-Mail Based Event Information

OrganizationE-Mail AddressContact Person
Jewish Twenty-Somethings and Graduates (TAG)J-TAG@baltimorehillel.orgJudith Geller
Jews Are Mingling (JAM)dzvili@jcc.orgDori Zvili
J-LINC GesherCityjodig@geshercity.orgJodi Green
Etz Chaim (Baltimore)info@etzchaimusa.orgShlomo Porter
Speed Dating (DC)SpeedDatingDC@aish.comAryeh Kaplan
JCC Singles (Baltimore) 
JCC Singles (Greater Washington)singles@jccgw.orgThelma Sweetbaum
Baltimore. Society of Young 
D.C. Society of Young 
Associated's Young Adult Division (YAD) sgordon@jcfb.orgStephanie Gordon
Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Maryland:lizmosaic@yahoo.comLiz Friedman
Running/Walking/Eating/ Volunteering Club:brodymark@yahoo.comMark Brody
Jewish Sports and Social Network (Greater Washington)singles@jssn.orgHarley Liebenson
Singles Orthodox Networking Group (S.O.N.G.)song@shidduchim.infoEliezer Gamerman
Single Orthodox Females Together (S.O.F.T.) 
Singles4Singlessingles4singles@excite.comEfraim Levy,
(New York-based)

Phone-based Event Information

OrganizationPhone NumberContact Person
Etz Chaim Singles Group/Workshops:410-764-1553 x206Cheryl Cristol
Twenty-somethings & Graduate Students (J-TAG) Info Line:410-653-2265 x13Judith Geller
Jews Are Mingling (JAM) Hotline:410-542-4900 x267,
Dori Zvili
Living, Interacting, Networking & Connecting (J-LINC):410-542-4900 x238,
Jodi Green
JCC Young Professionals of Baltimore:410-356-5200 x324Eileen Berman
Associated's Young Adult Division (YAD):410-727-4828 x284, 410-369-9284Stephanie Gordon
JCC of Greater Washington Singles Event Hotline:301-230-3766
Thelma Sweetbaum
Jewish Single Parent Information Network (SPIN):410-356-5200 x362Maggie Weisman
Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Maryland:703-849-8409,
Liz Friedman
Zooz:410-358-3768Yaakov and Batsheva Goldman
Singles Orthodox Networking Group (S.O.N.G.):410-764-0701Eliezer Gamerman
Frum-Phile:410-358-6068Dr. Bert Miller
Speed Dating (Baltimore):410-902-7700 x101Mayer Pasternak
Speed Dating (DC):301-881-7110Aryeh Kaplan
Invei HaGefen:718-256-7525New York-based
Singles4Singles:212-531-3466Efraim Levy,
New York-based