This page consists of information about counseling and support resources available to dating singles and couples across various stages of the shidduch process.

If you have additional information or counseling and dating support resources useful in shidduchim, please contact the webmaster at

Counseling and Support (The Shidduch Site)

Rabbi Shlomo Naiman - (410) 358-3637 [Rabbi's Study]

Counsels married couples, seriously dating couples and singles upon request, about relationships and relationship issues.

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, M.S., L.G.P.C. - (443) 570-7598, Web Site:

Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, certified IMAGO Relationship Therapist and ordained Rabbi. Uses this relational therapy model with singles, families, and organizations and is an experienced speaker on the subject. Has led workshops for single observant men, as well as, having spoken at several Jewish observant singles events. Specializes in empowering couples to develop conscious and connected relationships through resolving conflict and learning communication skills.

Dr. Paula Zivia Fuld - (410) 358-9892, E-mail:

Psychologist and training consultant. Provides coaching to shidduch-dating singles, among other specialities. Provides counseling both in person and by phone ("The next best thing to complete anonymity"). Free sample Coaching session available, as appropriate. Approved by Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer. Additional rabbinical and community references available.

Dr. Robert Benedek - (410) 602-3805, Office: 15 Walker Ave, Baltimore, MD 21208

Doctor of psychology. Has extensive experience with patients in the observant community, and has experience treating singles, and issues affecting shidduchim. Familiar with matters affecting observant life.

Rinatta Paries - 1-888-215-6033, E-Mail:, Web Site:

Relationship coach and master certified coach. Not specifically frum, but many of her concepts are still applicable to frum dating. She sends out a free weekly e-mail newsletter. She is based out of Washington state, and coaches by telephone. She also provides e-mail based coaching and on-line relationship classes. Fees for coaching and relationship class services vary. Classes start at $20, coaching typically costs $350 or more per month. One time coaching sessions range from 15-45 minutes, and costs range from $50 - $140.

Offers free, electronic, weekly "Relationship Coach" e-newsletter.

Janice D. Bennett, Ph.D. - (212) 874-1470, E-Mail:, Web Site:

Offers both personal and relationship coaching (for couples). She provides a 30 minute complimentary telephone coaching session to "experience the benefits of personal coaching firsthand".

Avrohom Goldberg - (248) 541-9805, E-Mail:, Web Site: http://

Avrohom Goldberg has an Honors Business Degree from the University of Windsor. He received his professional training from the world's leading coach training school, Coach U.

To strengthen his coaching skills and techniques he supplemented his coach training and development further by working with two world recognized and certified coaches. In addition to working with clients on an individual and group basis, Avrohom Goldberg has also presented workshops on "The Secrets of Successful Shidduchim Dating".

Project Chuppah (JFS) - Contact: Jackie Ashkin, LCSW-C at (410) 356-8382 x351

Pre-marriage preparation and marriage enhancement offered in a Jewish context. Individual and group formats. "Good Starts for Jewish Marriages" workshops led by a rabbi and marriage counselor.

Personal Counseling (JFS) - Contact: Intake Office at (410) 542-6300 x285

Professional counseling for children, adolescents, adults and older adults; couples; and families, serving a wide range of needs.

Singles Orthodox Networking Group (S.O.N.G.) - Web Site:

Informal group of Orthodox singles in their 20's and 30's (and sometimes older) that meet for social activities and network with each other. Good place to build and develop a support network of single Orthodox peers and friends.