5 Easy Ways ANYONE Can Help Build a Shidduch in Just 15 Minutes!

  1. Call a single you know, just to say "hello" and chat for a bit. Does wonders for the spirit and helps strengthen ties and contacts with the community!

  2. Make yourself available as a "dating mentor" to someone, providing short pre- and post-date feedback, advice and encouragement! You don't need to be a shadchan - just be a friend!

  3. Invite singles to your Shabbos table and remember to re-invite them periodically as a regular guest! Follow-up and set a formal date! Don't leave it hanging as a vague open invite! Also - if you can, agree with your spouse to allow him or her to invite a new unmarried guest unexpectedly now and again.

  4. Make a point of meeting and saying hello to any new single you encounter at your shul, shiurim, shopping or just in the community or anywhere! Find out about them and tell them about you! This applies to both men and women! Men - all it takes is a few minutes after davening! Who would know a single man better than you? Say hello and tell your spouse!

  5. When talking to other married friends and couples, remember to mention singles you've met! A mere mention can inspire an idea! You have a wider network than you think!